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Young Innovators Programme (YIP)

YIP is a flagship programme under the Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC) to promote a culture of innovation among the youth of Kerala. The motto of the programme is “Igniting the Innovative Minds of Kerala”. YIP is open to students/youth in the wide age range of 13 years to 35 years, which includes students from schools, ITIs, Arts and Science colleges, Polytechnic, Medical and Engineering institutions. It is designed as an institution-based program with a Hub and Spoke Model. T. K. M. College of Arts and Science has been a part of this novel initiative since 2019; the college is registered in the YIP portal paving way for our students to participate in the YIP Challenge which began in 2018.

The functioning of the college-level YIP activities is co-ordinated by the YIP Nodal Officer/Facilitator with the help of two other facilitators. One of the preliminary tasks of the YIP facilitators is the dissemination of information regarding the various initiatives undertaken by the YIP and K-DISC as well as to identify and encourage students to participate in the annual editions of the YIP Challenge. Since 2019, students from T. K. M. College of Arts and Science has participated in the YIP Challenge with many ideators/ideas being shortlisted at the district and state level.

YIP Details

Institutional ID – 12303

Nodal Officer/ Facilitator– Harilal N. T. (Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics)

Facilitator – Dr. P. K. Manoj (Assistant Professor, Department of Physics)

Facilitator – Dr. Sulfia S. Santhosh (Assistant Professor, Department of English)

YIP 2019 State-level Winners

Idea No. 573

Idea – Prevent capsizing of boat

  1. Suhana Siraj (B Sc Chemistry)
  2. Devika Rani (B Sc Physics)
  3. Razeena Rasheed (B Sc Chemistry)

The students were felicitated on the First Kerala Innovation Day inaugurated by the Chief Minister at Jawahar Sahakarana Bhavan, DPI Junction, Jagathy, Thiruvananthapuram on 23 January 2020.