Re-accredited by NAAC with "B++" Grade


Student Assessment Committee

We have a regular practice of monitoring the progress of the pupil during the course of study. A committee is entrusted to monitor the conduct of Bridge Courses for inducting students into the chosen course of study and also identifying students who have obtained scores below 60% in the internal exams for the Remedial Coaching. The weak students of each course are identified for enhancing their capacity to perform better in the external examinations. The individual departments are maintaining a modus operandi to ensure the right pupil’s participation in the remedial classes. The class tutors identify the students who need special assistance and pool them into a course-specific common group and a faculty is assigned to deliver remedial classes and equip them to appear for exams.    

A committee consisting of the following members are entrusted with the student assessment responsibilities,

Ms. Shiny Salam (Coordinator)

Ms. Rissana

Ms. Simimole H.