Re-accredited by NAAC with "A++" Grade


Re-accredited by NAAC with "A++" Grade


Re-accredited by NAAC with "B++" Grade


Scholar Support Programme (SSP)

The Government of Kerala had launched the Scholar Support Programme(SSP) in all Government Arts and Science Colleges. The scholar support programme envisages to extend support to students of undergraduate level with timely assistance in terms of tutorials, additional lectures ,interactive sessions, question banks and study materials. Students who have obtained less than 60% of marks in qualifying examination or in any subject for each semester can join the Scholar Support programme. Feedback of students and their performance will be reviewed.

                    The Directorate of Collegiate Education is implemented the programme.Funds are allotted to the implementation of the programme for the fifty selected students of the college .The SSP in T.K.M College  of Arts and Science was implemented in the academic year 2014-2015.The inaugural session of SSP at  T.K.M College of Arts and Science were done at seminar hall by Principal and graced by Resource persons,Coordinator of SSP and the selected students of SSP.The morning and evening sessions including saturdays were scheduled for the  programme .P.T.A meetings were conducted at seminar hall in the presence students.

All proceedings of the appointment were done by the Principal of the College . A Feedback form also filled at the end of the  semester by the Co-ordinator from the Students of S S P .Text Books for reference and question Bank along with printed notes also distributed to students from the S S P room by the Co-ordinator. Internal and External mentoring classes were conducted for the students.

The utilization of the Funds allotted under the S S P 2014-2015 was 59,000/- for 50 students of the first year and 2015-2016 was 1,21.000/- for100 students of first and second year.2016-2017 was 2,25,500 for 150 students of  first,second and third year. No SSP were conducted in the Academic year 2017-2018 because of lack of fund.Again the programme was started in the year 2018-2019 with 40 first year students and the fund allocated was 85,500.

In 2019-2020 there were 80 students from both first and second years and the fund allotted was 1,07,000. The total amount was fully utilized before 31 st March in every year. There was no SSP in 2020-2021 due to the pandemic and lack of fund. The statement of expenditure and utilisation certificate along with original receipts of S S P in the college were sent to Programme Manager ,S S P Office of the new initiatives, K. S. T. M. C, P M G Junction Trivandrum every year.

Coordinator – Dr. M J Sheeba