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Research Projects

TitleInvestigatorFunding AgencyPeriod
Synthesis and characterization of cerium oxide
nanoparticles and studying their effects on the
earlygrowth stages of commercially important
pisum sativum
Dr.S.Anas KSCSTE 1 year
Molecular logic gates based on naturally
derived molecules for the detection of pesticides
Dr. Sumalekshmy S. KSCSTE 1 year
Co-Sensitization of Nanocrystalline Tio2
Films using organic sensitizers
Dr. Abdul Rahim M K KSCSTE 1 year
Synthetic Modificatiohns and photophysical studies
of water soluble Xanthone based fluorescent
molecules derived from naturally occuring a-particle
Dr. Simi Mole H KSCSTE 1 year
Studies on the superhydrophobicity of
hydrothermally developed, homo epitaxially grown,
nanostructured ZnO surfaces
Dr.S.Anas KSCSTE 1 year
DST-FIST The Principal DST 5 years
Biodiversity conservation in agro eco systems -
practice and excecution
Dr. Jasin Rahman. V.K UGC 2 years
Tracking error performance - a robest method
for active management of indian mutual funds
Prof. Maheen M UGC 18 Mont
Multifaceted role of micro enterprises- a study
with reference to kudumbasree units in kerala
Dr. Shehnaz S R UGC 2 years
Design of ratiometric fluorescent probes for
diagnostic and imaging applications
Dr. Sumalekshmy S. DST/SERB 3 years
Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of
Novel Flexible Cross-l-Linked Supports for
Polymer Assisted Organic Synthesis
Dr. Siyad. M .A. UGC 2 years
Phytochemical analysis and invitro antioxidant
activity of Boerhaavia difffusa roots and leaves
Prof.Ajinza A UGC 2 years
Antimicrobial, Antoixidant activities
and Phytochemical analysis of Passifloraedulis
Dr. Jubaira Beevi Y UGC 2 years
Cheminformatics and Spectroscopic
investigation on some naturals of Goniothalamus
Dr Hari kumar .B UGC 2 years
Super hydrophobicity of solvothermally
synthesized hierarchically organized
nanostructured photocatalysts
Dr.S.Anas UGC 2 years
Hi-Tech low life: An atomisation of the post
modern human condition
Prof.Liby K. S. UGC 2 years
A Study on the present status of corporate
social responsibility: Pracatices of public
limited companies in kerala
Prof.Shiny Salam UGC 2 years
Social responsibilities of business -
a study among information technology
business units
Prof. Firozkhan A UGC 2 years
Application of Clifford algebra in robotics
through fuzzy logic
Prof. Sanooj B UGC 2 years
Comparative studies on biochemical and
Nutritional status of inconventionaly use
green leafy vegitables with conventionaly
use Amaranthus Gangeticus
Prof. Teena Rasheed UGC 2 years
Invitro antioxidant studies on Leucas aspera Dr. Latha B UGC 2 years
Medieval arabic medicine and indian system
of medicine (Ayurveda) : a historical perspective
Prof.T A Rabia UGC 2 Year
Women empowerment through Kudumbasree:
Location transistional change in the status of
women in kollam district through
Kudubasree mission.
Prof. Shajitha S UGC 2 Year
Mollifier Method for Solving Hilbert
Schmidth Illposed Operator Equations
Prof. Narayanaprasad UGC 2 years
Aravind Adiga's the "white tiger" : a subaltern
novel reflecting the voice of the underclass
Prof. Najuma M. UGC 2 years
Transformations: the long poems of Robert Kroetsch Niyas S. M. UGC 2 years
Transformations: the long poems of Robert Kroetsch Shafana Shaffi UGC 2 years
Indianness in the poetry of AK Ramanujan
and Ezekel: a comparative study
Shemeena Fauzia UGC 1 year
Multidimensional perspective of third world
islamic feminism: A critical analysis of the feminist
post colonial writer Qaisra Shaharaz's novels
"The Holy women and Typhoon" with special
reference to the issue of Tripple Talaq (Divorce)
Dr. Shameem A UGC 2 years