Re-accredited by NAAC with "B++" Grade


About IQAC

                                                                           T.K. M. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE

                                                                       INTERNAL QUALITY ASSURANCE CELL (IQAC)

The IQAC, established in 2004, plays a pivotal role in maintaining and monitoring the academic, extra-curricular and administrative aspects of the college, with the exclusive purpose of quality improvement. The IQAC provides crucial support for the management and the Principal in the process of decision-making and implementation of quality enhancement policies.

Objectives and Functions of the IQAC

  • The IQAC stays abreast of the various developments in the higher education sector, specifically focusing on the UGC and NAAC guidelines which undergo constant updations. The IQAC is tasked with the mission of disseminating these guidelines among the teaching and student community of the college thereby ensuring a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere within the institution.
  • IQAC facilitates the creation of a learner-centric atmosphere in the college which makes use of various innovative and participatory teaching as well as learning techniques.
  • Another crucial task undertaken by the IQAC is the documentation and analysis of feedback from the various stakeholders in the teaching-learning process.
  • The IQAC provides support for the various departments and extension clubs in the conduct of academic and extra-curricular seminars, workshops and lectures.
  • Another important and strategically important mission of the IQAC is the consolidation of documents with regard to student and faculty profiles, result analysis, curricular and co-curricular events organised by the college, financial and academic audit, infrastructure development etc.
  • Specifically, over the past couple of years, the IQAC has made great strides in improving the ICT and IT facilities in the college, energizing the various academic and administrative functions of the college.
  • The IQAC functions in the role of point person, in the adoption, implementation and monitoring of Learning Management System (LMS) as well as Management Information System (MIS) as part of the quality enhancement initiatives of the college.
  • The IQAC prepares the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as well as Self Study Report for submission before NAAC.
  • The IQAC helms the process of applying for National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF).
  • One of the main ways in which IQAC ensures the dissemination of information with regard to the latest developments in the higher education sector, is through the organization of workshops/training programmes for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.
  • The IQAC plays a key role in facilitating the various aspects related to the Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) of the teaching and non-teaching staff.


Composition of IQAC

 The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college has been reconstituted in adherence to the recommendations and guidelines of NAAC in the academic year 2020-21.





Dr. Shahal Hassan Musaliar

Patron, President, T. K. M. College Trust


Dr. Chithra Gopinath

Chairperson (Principal)


Dr. Sumalekshmy S.

Coordinator, IQAC., Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry


Dr. Ansil P. N.

Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry


Dr. Finser K. Muhammed

Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic History


Mr.  Safir T. K.

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics


Dr. Sulfia S. Santhosh

Assistant Professor, Department of English


Dr. Abdul Rahim M. K.

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry


Dr. P. K. Manoj

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics


Dr. Shehnaz S. R.

Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce


Dr. Aswathy M. R.

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics


Ms. Niza N.

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics


Jb. T. K. Jalaluddin Musaliar, Treasurer, T. K. M. College Trust

Industrialist/Employer representative


Mr. M. Haroon

Alumni Representative


Prof. Abdul Majeed

Local Representative


Senior Superintendant

Administrative Official


Miss. Radhika G. S.

Student Representative