The Founder

The Founder

The name of our founder Janab Thangal Kunju Musaliar Musaliar is written in golden letters in the annals of the history of our country. Our founder has the rare privilege of being honoured by the Union Government with postal stamps and first day covers. Janab Musaliar was much more than the founder of an educational institution. Born in a middle class family in Kollam on 12th January 1897, he had the unique distinction of being one of the world’s biggest employers. His family proudly traces their ancestry to Malik ibn Dinar, a legendary Islamic missionary who came to India in the 8th century. Another ancestor of the later generation was Sheikh Ali Hassan Musaliar, entombed in the Sheikh Masjid at Karunagappally. Sri. Musaliar was the 12th in the line after him.

Janab Thangal Kunju Musaliar’s name conjures up memories of an era when Kollam dominated the cashew export trade in the 1940s and 50s. He was the pioneer of the cashew industry in Kerala and through his meticulous vision and impeccable planning, he built up a vast business empire. He played a pivotal role in contributing the much needed foreign exchange to the state. He founded social and philanthropic organizations. He wrote books. He started a newspaper. During the Second World War, when food became scarce, he used his personal resources to carry out large scale agriculture. In the 1950s, while at the pinnacle of his business career, Janab Musaliar became preoccupied with thoughts of how best he could provide education to the new generation for the better development of the society. As a man of remarkable vision, he foresaw the tremendous importance of education in the years to come and this culminated in the formation of TKM Educational Trust in 1956. The first institution of the Trust was the very first engineering college in the private sector in Kerala. Less than a decade after founding the engineering college, feeling the need for an Arts and Science College, Janab Musaliar oversaw the establishment of T.K.M. College of Arts and Science, one year before his unexpected demise. Though robbed of the Founder’s personal guidance and patronage, the college, under the able administration and intendance of his eldest son Janab. Shahal Hassan Musaliar, soon grew in stature scripting its own saga of excellence.

The life of Janab Musaliar exemplifies greatness in its true sense. Several of his initiatives and achievements in trade, industry and education have assumed astounding and prophetic significance in the changing national and global scenario. In recognition of his invaluable contributions to the nation, the Government of India released a commemorative postage stamp in his name.

Today, as the academic opulence of T.K.M. educational institutions continue, we see the unmatched success of a visionary statesman and multifaceted personality, late Janab Thangal Kunju Musaliar, who fulfilled his noble dream of empowering the society through education.