Women’s Grievance Redressal Cell

The Cell is responsible for looking into any complaints filed by students & staff about Woman Grievances at the college. According to the Hon. Supreme Court of India definition of sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexually determined behavior, such as:

• Physical contact and advances
• Demand or request for sexual favors
• Sexually Colored remarks
• Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature

The functions of the cell are to purely safeguard the rights of female students, faculty and staff members of women and also to provide a platform for listening to complaints. It tries to equip them with the knowledge of their legal rights and redressal of their grievances. To facilitate speedy delivery of justice, meetings are organized regularly. The counseling cell processes oral and written complaints.

Steering Committee Members

Name Designation
Prof. Shajitha S (Principal) Chairperson
Dr. Sheeba M J (Assistant Professor) Convener
Prof. Sherin Aslam (Assistant Professor) Member
Prof. Soumya S (Assistant Professor) Member
Lt. Liby K S (Assistant Professor) Member
Dr. Chithra Gopinath (Assistant Professor) Member