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Infinity Lecture Series was inaugurated

Karicode: “Infinity” Lecture Series was inaugurated by Prof. A. Hashimudeen, Principal, T.K.M College of Arts and Science College, Kollam. The new initiative of the department of Physics, Infinity Lecture Series, is aimed to develop scientific enthusiasm among students and also to provide a platform for the undergraduate and post-graduate students to interact with the various scientific personalities in India.

The first lecture in this series was delivered by Prof. D. Indumathi, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai. In this talk she explained the scientific importance of India’s mega science project, “India based Neutrino Observatory” (INO). More than 50 scientists from 15 institutes and universities of India are actively involved in this project. INO will be looking for the properties of weakly interacting, little-understood neutral particles called “neutrinos”. The different species (or flavors) of neutrinos seem to mix and oscillate into another as they traverse through the cosmos. If this is true, this is not only one of the first pieces of evidence for physics beyond the so-called Standard Model of particle Physics but would also have great impact on diverse fields such as nuclear and particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology.

The program started with the welcome speech by Prof. Sajna. N. K, head of the department of physics, TKM College of Arts and Science, Kollam and concluded by the vote of thanks by Dr. Mohammed Salim. M