Learning management system (LMS)

Learning management system (LMS)

College is having a software application named as 'LOOK CAMPUS' for the academic administration. It facilitates a software solution for academic planning and implementation, teaching and learning process and research and consultancy. It is focused on online learning delivery and support a range of uses, acting as a platform for online content, including courses, both asynchronous based and synchronous based. 'LOOK CAMPUS' delivers and manages all types of content, including video, power point slides, and documents. 'LOOK CAMPUS' login facilities provides Admin login, Faculty Login, Student Login and Parent Login and is customizable. The diverse features offered through 'LOOK CAMPUS' are

  • Monitor daily attendance and generates consolidated reports of attendance.
  • Daily attendance/absence alerts and mark updates to parent's phone as SMS and mail.
  • Student or parents can track student's attendance, grades, alerts, news, notices etc
  • Result analysis of various examinations.
  • Progress report of the students.
  • The repositories of all files related to courses are easily accessible.
  • Online collection of feedback to improve performance and generates consolidated feedback report.
  • A mobile application for attendance marking and reports also provided.
  • Mingle - An interactive platform for students and faculties to sharing data or study materials.

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