Capability Enhancement and Development Schemes

Capability Enhancement and Development Schemes

Effective fostering, growth and development of the students are well thought-out at our college. This is of prime importance as it helps students to develop their personality, meet the market needs, and excel in the dynamic global environment. With an endeavor to empower the students to become assets to the family and contribute meaningfully to the nation, students are supported and facilitated through various Capability Enhancement and Development Schemes (CEDS).

... The capability enhancement and development schemes are the stimulating factors in getting the students corporate-ready and become a responsible social citizen.

    1.Guidance for Competitive Examinations

    It is aimed at assisting the students to determine their strengths, values, and interests in order to make choices regarding their career. The College Career Guidance and Placement Cell extend its support and guidance pertaining to competitive examinations. The cell offers resources, events and job postings throughout the year. Competitive examinations formulate the basis for various civil services. It is also a necessary foundation to enroll for various higher degree courses in universities situated across the globe. College serves the requirements of the students who plan to pursue higher studies or are keen on joining civil services. A dedicated Career Guidance Cell is made available by the institute with the objective of providing guidance to the students aspiring for jobs or higher studies. Besides, this cell emphasizes on creating awareness and interest among students about civil services. The facilities offered to the students include:

    • Dedicated in-house career counselors guide students and assist them with right directives during their journey to qualify the competitive exams.
    • Books and magazines for competitive examinations are made available in a separate section in the College Library.
    • Various inter and intra college competitions regularly organized.
    • Many Interactive Sessions with professionals are organized to equip them for interviews and group discussions.
    • Online mock tests for various competitive examinations and entrance test are being conducted.

    2.Career Counseling

    Students who enroll for the various courses need consistent assistance and guidance to decide their career path. They need directives as regard to choosing their field of specialization and streamlining and channelizing their efforts towards securing a bright future. The Institution has a structured mechanism for career guidance and placements of its students. The Mentor-Mentee Program is another platform to discuss their career orientation and channelize them with necessary guidance needed for their placement in the concerned field. Placement Cell of the college guides and trains the students in choosing their dream career. The Placement Cell also extent services to,

    • Provide appropriate and timely information to the students regarding various job opportunities.
    • Train the students to suit the industry needs.
    • Invite various organizations to the institution for campus recruitment and the students are taken to various career fairs.
    • ICT facilities in the college are made available for students on free of cost to submit the applications for various placement offerings in Government and private sectors.

    3.Soft Skills Development

    College strives towards incessant enhancement of soft skills and personality development of the students considering them as an integral requirement of modern world. The focus of this programme is to develop a wide variety of soft skills amongst the students such as communication skills, presentation skills, team work, persuasion skills, critical and creative thinking, etc. Renowned speakers from industries and academic field are invited to deliver sessions on various topics pertaining to the soft skills development of the students needed to flourish in job, and meet and surpass the industry expectations.

    • Various debates, declamations and extempore competitions are organized in the College to enhance the spoken English skills.
    • Personality Development Workshops are organized.
    • Students are continuously encouraged to enroll for the computer courses irrespective of their course.

    4.Remedial Coaching

    Faculty members encourage and support the slow learning pupils above and beyond the regular allocated teaching hours. Various requests by students pertaining to subject related queries, concept clarity, challenging topics and additional practice sessions are addressed by faculty members to enhance the efficiency of the students, help students in their areas of need and for students who have been unproductive in the evaluation. For this,

    • Simplified notes are provided by the teachers.
    • The beneficiary's homework is checked on regular basis.
    • Needy students are referred to the Counseling Cell.

    5.Language Lab

    The College has set up a multi language lab to improve communicative skills in mother tongue, National language and English. Language laboratory is also as an aid in modern language teaching. The interactive Language Lab has been setup under the research department of English to improve the communication and spoken English skills of the students. This Lab is equipped with necessary listening, speaking, and writing provisions where the students listen to the native speakers of English and learn the phonetic sounds of the English language. As it is a technological aid for learning, it has a number of advanced features that can help a student to learn a language with proficiency to communicate.

    6.Bridge Courses

    The objective of this activity is to help the students to catch up with the pace and nature of academics in Higher Education Institutes. Understanding the college culture and expectations concerning the UG program on the part of the student also entails bridging of gap. Induction programme is organized as an orientation activity every year for all the first year students to enlighten them about the UG programme and course expectations. This also helps them get acquainted with the culture and environment at the college campus. Students enrolling for UG programme who have limited or no exposure to the concerned subject are provided with a bridge course.

    7.Yoga and Meditation

    Yoga and Meditation used as a healthcare tool is considered as a healthy way of life for stress free living. Practicing yoga improves balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength, while meditation helps keep the mind sharp, relieves stress and anxiety, and can strengthen the immune system. Regular yoga sessions are conducted at the institute for students as well as faculty. This wellness platform hugely contributes in creating stress free positive environment and healthy way of thinking and living. Yoga Center is accessible for students and staff of the institution. The college celebrates International Yoga day since its inception. Techniques of meditation and various postures (Asanas) are performed to lead a healthy and stress free life under the supervision of yoga guru Sri. Nagaraj.

    8.Personal Counseling

    Personal counseling helps to increase self-confidence, improve relationships, solve problems, achieve educational goals, and make good decisions for emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual well-being. Students often meet problems and difficulties which needs a timely resolution. Through the Mentor-Mentee Program, each student (mentee) gets an opportunity to interact with a faculty member (mentor) for their personal counseling. This serves as a basic platform to the students to discuss their problems (academic, career and personal) and seek appropriate solution. Furthermore, experts from reputed counseling organization are invited for counseling of our students and parents on demand. The distinguished consultant counselors who are associating with our institutions include Dr. Jayaraj, Prof. A. Hashimudeen and Sri. Claudelt Lampert.

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