Research Projects

Research Projects

Title Investigator Funding Agency Period Abstract
Synthesis and characterization of cerium oxide nanoparticles and studying their effects on the earlygrowth stages of commercially important pisum sativum Dr.S.Anas KSCSTE 1 year
Molecular logic gates based on naturally derived molecules for the detection of pesticides Dr. Sumalekshmy S. KSCSTE 1 year
Co-Sensitization of Nanocrystalline Tio2 Films using organic sensitizers Dr. Abdul Rahim M K KSCSTE 1 year
Synthetic Modificatiohns and photophysical studies of water soluble Xanthone based fluorescent molecules derived from naturally occuring a-particle Dr. Simi Mole H KSCSTE 1 year
Studies on the superhydrophobicity of hydrothermally developed, homo epitaxially grown, nanostructured ZnO surfaces Dr.S.Anas KSCSTE 1 year
DST-FIST The Principal DST 5 years
Biodiversity conservation in agro eco systems - practice and excecution Dr. Jasin Rahman. V.K UGC 2 years
Tracking error performance - a robest method for active management of indian mutual funds Prof. Maheen M UGC 18 Months
Multifaceted role of micro enterprises- a study with reference to kudumbasree units in kerala Dr. Shehnaz S R UGC 2 years
Design of ratiometric fluorescent probes for diagnostic and imaging applications Dr. Sumalekshmy S. 3 years DST/SERB
Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Novel Flexible Cross-l-Linked Supports for Polymer Assisted Organic Synthesis Dr. Siyad. M .A. UGC 2 years
Phytochemical analysis and invitro antioxidant activity of Boerhaavia difffusa roots and leaves Prof.Ajinza A UGC 2 years
Antimicrobial, Antoixidant activities and Phytochemical analysis of Passifloraedulis- Dr. Jubaira Beevi Y UGC 2 years
Cheminformatics and Spectroscopic investigation on some naturals of Goniothalamus Species Dr Hari kumar .B UGC 2 years
Super hydrophobicity of solvothermally synthesized hierarchically organized nanostructured photocatalysts Dr.S.Anas UGC 2 years
Hi-Tech low life: An atomisation of the post modern human condition Prof.Liby K. S. UGC 2 years
A Study on the present status of corporate social responsibility: Pracatices of public limited companies in kerala Prof.Shiny Salam UGC 2 years
Social responsibilities of business - a study among information technology business units Prof. Firozkhan A UGC 2 years
Application of Clifford algebra in robotics through fuzzy logic Prof. Sanooj B UGC 2 years
Comparative studies on biochemical and Nutritional status of inconventionaly use green leafy vegitables with conventionaly use Amaranthus Gangeticus Prof. Teena Rasheed UGC 2 years
Invitro antioxidant studies on Leucas aspera Dr. Latha B UGC 2 years
Medieval arabic medicine and indian system of medicine (Ayurveda) : a historical perspective Prof.T A Rabia UGC 2 Year
Women empowerment through Kudumbasree: Location transistional change in the status of women in kollam district through Kudubasree mission. Prof. Shajitha S UGC 2 Year
Mollifier Method for Solving Hilbert Schmidth Illposed Operator Equations Prof. Narayanaprasad M UGC 2 years
Aravind Adiga's the "white tiger" : a subaltern novel reflecting the voice of the underclass Prof. Najuma M. UGC 2 years
Transformations: the long poems of Robert Kroetsch Niyas S. M. UGC 2 years
Transformations: the long poems of Robert Kroetsch Shafana Shaffi UGC 2 years
Indianness in the poetry of AK Ramanujan and Ezekel: a comparative study Shemeena Fauzia UGC 1 year
Multidimensional perspective of third world islamic feminism: A critical analysis of the feminist post colonial writer Qaisra Shaharaz's novels "The Holy women and Typhoon" with special reference to the issue of Tripple Talaq (Divorce) Dr. Shameem A UGC 2 years