Other Programmes

Other Programmes


  • Health and Sanitation (Approved in 2011)
  • Co-operation and Business Management (Approved in 2007)
  • Travel and Tourism Management (Approved in 2011)


Govt. of Kerala
Approved by National Skill Development
Govt. of India


  • Foundatin Course for Xth & XIIth Compleated Students
  • Preperation courses for degree students
  • Coaching class for Priliminary and Final Exam


  • Certificate in Library and Information Programme (CLISc)
  • PG Diploma in Counselling (PGDC)
  • PG Certificate in Counselling (PGCC)
  • Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)
  • Pre-Primary Teacher Training Programme-English Medium (PPTTC)
  • Certificate in Computerized Accounting (CCA)
  • Junior Certificate in Information Technology (JCIT)
  • Certificate in Webpage Design (CWA)
  • Certificate in Travel and Tourism Management (TTM)
  • Certificate in Yoga and Meditation
  • Certificate in Spoken English


  • Coaching class for UGC/CSIR Examination for JRF/Lecturer ship
  • Coaching class for Indian Engineering Services (IES)
  • Life Skill / Soft Skill Development Training
  • Coaching class for Banking Service / Public Service (PSC, UPSC) Examination
  • Foundation Class for Civil Service Examination

All regular students of the college are eligible to join these programmes. Annual fees for each programme is Rs.750/- A continuing education unit functions in this college. Programmes targeted at adult learners and part-time learners are offered here.

Programme Eligibility Duration Fee
P.G Certificate in Counseling (PGCC) Degree in any discipline 4 months 3850+ incidental expense
English Medium Pre- Primary Teacher Training (P.P.T.T.C) Pass in XII/Degree Six month programme and 6 month Training 4000+incidental expense
Certificate in Library and Information and Science (CLIS) S.S.L.C or equivalent 6 months 4000+ incidental expense
Tally (Computerized Accounting) Pass in XII/Degree 3 Months 2000+incidental expense
Information Technology (JCIT) Pass in XII/Degree 2 Months 1000+incidental expense
Travel and Tourism Management Pass in XII/Degree 6 months 5000+incidental expense

Admission Procedure

  • o   Students are admitted to the first year of the UG and PG programmes at the beginning of the academic year or as      soon as the results of their qualifying exams are published.
  • o   Application for Admission must be in the prescribed form, copies of which can be had from the office on payment.
  • o   At the time of Admission, the student shall produce all the certificates mentioned in the college prospectus.
  • o   The candidate shall not be enrolled or permitted to attend classes until the prescribed fees are paid.
  • o   The Principal reserves the right to refuse Admission to any applicant without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • o   A student applying for T.C. should do so in the prescribed form and should have cleared all the dues.
  • o   Student applying for other certificates such as Conduct or programme certificate must furnish all particulars required for      identification.
  • o   The conduct and programme certificates shall not be issued unless the student has completed the programme of      instruction to the satisfaction of the college authorities and his progress and conduct have been satisfactory.
  • o  The eligibility of candidates to appear for the University Examination shall depend upon their completing the programme     as also their good conduct and character.