General Rules

General Rules

The rules and regulations of the college are framed by the management and the Principal to ensure a peaceful campus atmosphere. The college community is bound to abide by such rules along with the directions offered by the Hon. High court through its various judgements. The violation of these court orders will invoke not only contempt of court but also invite punishment.

a) Code of conduct and discipline in the campus

    1. Ragging is totally prohibited in the campus. Anyone engaging in ragging will be dismissed from the college and is liable to judicial punishment.
    2. E very student shall attend classes regularly.
    3. Students shall dress neatly and decently.
    4. Students shall always behave with dignity and courtesy.
    5. Students shall desist from damaging the college building, disfiguring the walls, furniture etc. by writing or sticking bills. Such actions are offensive to good taste and are a positive disservice to succeeding generations of students. The cost of the damage, if any, will be recovered.
    6. When a teacher enters the classroom, students shall rise from their seats and remain standing until he/she takes his/her seat or directs them to sit down.
    7. No student shall leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher or until the teacher has left the classroom. Students coming late shall enter the class only with the permission of the teacher.
    8. If somebody wishes to meet a student of a class that is in progress, he shall do so only after getting the written permission from the Principal.
    9. No loitering is permitted during class hours.
    10. Absence from examination/test papers will be treated as a serious breach of discipline and shall invite disciplinary measures.
    11. No meeting or entertainment shall be organized in the college without the permission of the Principal.
    12. Causing willful damage to college property shall invite punish13. Any article lost or found shall promptly be reported to the office.
    14. Irregular attendance, insubordination to teachers, habitual shirking of class work, obscenity of any sort are sufficient grounds for the suspension or the dismissal of a student from the college.
    15. Students are advised to follow the announcements on the notice boards. Failure to do so will not be an excuse for any omission or commission.
    16. Any disfigurement or damage to the college, water, gas, electrical installations, garden and premises will be punished and the cost of the damage if any will be recovered.
    17. Students are forbidden from organizing or attending any meeting in the college or to collect money for any purpose without the prior permission of the Principal.
    18. Smoking and using or keeping alcoholic drinks or drugs are strictly forbidden in the college campus. Using mobile phones by students is strictly prohibited inside.
    19. Educational concessions awarded to students are liable to forfeiture for misconduct and the concessions will be withdrawn.
    20. No student shall indulge in any activity which may cause disruption to classes or disturbances in the college campus. If any student violates the above regulation, he is liable to be dismissed from the college summarily.
    21. Political activism is strictly banned in the campus. Students are forbidden from organizing or attending meetings other than the official ones.
    22. Ragging, teasing, intimidating, harassing, using words of abuse etc. on junior students especially, female students within the campus or outside is a punishable crime under police act and such matters will be immediately reported to the police. Students involved in such acts will be adequately punished.
    23. Students and outsiders are not allowed to be present in the campus after 5 P.M. without the permission of the Principal.
    24. Students should not crowd in the verandahs or sit on the sidewalls of the corridors obstructing passage.
    25. As per High Court order students and outsiders are not permitted to bring vehicles into the campus or take them out of the campus during class hours. They have to park the vehicle at the allotted places.
    26. The Principal or duly constituted college authority may frame and issue from time to time disciplinary rules of permanent or temporary nature regulating the conduct of students within the campus or hostel premise and students are bound to follow them.

    b) ID Card

    An identity card will be issued to every student after admission with the attestation by the Principal. The identity card must be with the students whenever he/she is in the College Campus and should be produced for inspection when demanded by any member of the staff. If this card is lost, a duplicate can be obtained on payment of �150/- with the special permission of the principal. The card must be produced for issue of certificates, Hall tickets, Mark lists, Payment of scholarship/stipends, etc.

    c) Use of vehicles

    1. Students are generally not permitted bring vehicles to the College. In case of emergency the matter should be informed and permission shall be obtained from authority before bringing vehicle in the campus.
    2. They have to park their vehicles at the allotted place at their own risk. Students have to register their vehicles number and produce license. If sought by the security.
    3. Parking permits will be issued to physically handicapped students and they have to park their vehicles at the area allotted.
    4. Regular use of bikes by students for arriving at the College is prohibited. In special cases principal might give permission if requested by the parents in writing.
    5. The security personnel/ designated staff are authorised to inspect the records of the vehicles entering the campus and register the details in the gate register.
    Use of Cell Phones.
    6. College believes in the right use of mobile technology for teaching &learning and communication
    7. On the basis of the orders issued by various authorities including the Hon�ble High Court of Kerala (WP(c)23377/09) the use of cell phones in the College Campus is highly restricted. Any misuse of Cell phone will lead to a fine of � 1000/- such phones will be confiscated and will be returned only after the end of the academic year.(College will not be responsible for any damage caused to the phone while in custody.)
    8. Cell phones may be used outside the regular College hours only. Regular College hours are from 10 am to 4. pm for both U.G. &P.G.
    9. Cell phones may be used with specific permission from the faculty Advisors or from any teacher of the College, students can use cell phones on special days or during special events.
    10. If some student wants to make a call to somebody for urgent reasons. It shall be done only with the explicit permission from any teacher of the department. In such cases the student shall make the phone call while being the presence of the teacher.
    11. Cell phones can be used inside the class rooms if specifically permitted by a teacher for the hour of academic purposes.
    12. Students can use cell phones or tablets or other electronic devices to access Wi-fi internet for academic purposes while being in library or outside class rooms.
    13. Cell phone shall not be used for telephonic communication and for entertainment purpose ( listening to music/ watching videos) during the college hours i.e from to 4 pm. This is applicable all throughout the campus) inside and outside class rooms, rest rooms, waiting rooms etc..)
    14. Students going out of campus during the noon break are also not permitted to use cell phones for telephonic and entertainment purpose. If found guilty, such phones will be confiscated and fines will be charged.
    15. Telephonic communication includes, voice calls, Video calling , chatting and texting.
    16. Unauthorised photography and videography using cell phones are strictly prohibited.
    17. Vibration or ringing of bell during the intervals are considered serious insubordination and in such cases phones will be confiscated and will be returned only after the academic year on March 31.
    18. Ordinarily cell phones shall be in the flight mode or switched off mode. It shall never be in a mode that will receive any form of telephonic communication during the college hours.
    19. Cell phones if found not in flight mode will be confiscated and fined.
    20. If found necessary there will be squads appointed to search for mobiles. Any violation of norms will be appropriately punished.
    21. Any fine charged for the misuse of phone shall be paid within a week. If fines are not paid within one week, the student will lose attendance until the fine is paid.

    II Ethics Committee

    A college level Ethics Committee has been formed and the following teachers have been nominated to the committee. They are requested to impart value based education to the students, upholding the values of integrity, honesty and fairness and strive to integrate these values into the code of conduct.
    1. Ms. Shajitha S, Principal
    2. Mr. Najeem M, Convener
    4. Dr. M.J. Sheeba, Member
    5. Ms. Sherin Aslam, Member
    6. Ms. Ruksana Sulthana A. H., Member
    7. Mr. Firoskhan A, Member
    8. Dr. Chithra Gopinath, Member


    1. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period.
    2. A student who is not in the class when attendance is taken will be marked absent. The class teacher may at his/her discretion mark present a student coming late.
    3. A student requiring leave for a day or for a longer period shall make an application in the prescribed form and submit it to the Principal. The application must be countersigned by the guardian and by the class teacher concerned.
    4. If absence is due to illness, the application shall be supported by a medical certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner.
    5. A student absent without leave for five consecutive days stands the risk of his name being struck off the rolls.
    6. The submission of leave application does not entitle the student to earn attendance for the days of absence.
    7. The minimum attendance of 75% of the total number of working days required for the annual certificate is absolutely essential for promotion and for admission to the University examination.
    8. N o application for condonation of shortage of attendance will be recommended by the principal unless he is satisfied that the shortage was due to reasons beyond the control of the student and also that leave was availed of during the period of absence.


    1. Students are reminded that they represent the college and its values. So their behavior at all times shall be such that it brings credit to the institution.
    2. While attending a meeting they shall show due respect to the president and the speakers and shall avoid leaving during the meeting or showing their approval/disapproval in a noisy manner.
    3. Whenever they meet a member of the college teaching staff, they shall respectfully salute him/her.
    4. Students shall be polite and decent in their words and deeds and shall preserve order and decorum. They must be courteous both inside the campus as also outside. They are reminded to work for the common good.
    5. Students must take pride in keeping the college and its environs clean and beautiful.
    6. Once students are admitted to the college, they are bound by the code of conduct laid down by the college through the college calendar and it is implied that they should observe the code of conduct necessary for the proper administration and management of the institution.
    7. No mass petitions can be presented to the Principal.
    The campus should not be disfigured by graffiti, posters or bills.