Fee Regulations

Fee Regulations

Tuition fee for the year can be remitted in full at the beginning of the academic year and those who fail to remit the amount after the dates prescribed for remittance with a fine of Rs.10/- will be removed from the rolls of the college and will have to remit Rs.50/- for reAdmission. Special fee will be collected along with first installment of fees.

  • Tuition fee is to be paid in eight equal installments. Special Fees will be collected along with first installment.
  • The due dates for the remittance of fees with or without fine will be notified on the Notice Board.
  • Absence from the college with or without leave shall not be an excuse for non-payment of fees.
  • Fees will be received in the office up to 3 p.m. on the specified dates.
  • No part payment of fees will be accepted.
  • Defaulters of fees will not be permitted to attend classes till they pay the fees arrears together with the specified fine. In cases where the names of the defaulters have been removed from the rolls, re-Admission fee at the specified rate will also have to be paid.