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World Environment Day Celebrations- 2017 One Day Seminar on MAN & NATURE - 13th June 2017

The academic session started with the talk onMan & Nature- Ecological Implications in Western Ghats by Dr. KunjiKrishnan. He explained the history and current status of Western ghats and its ecological impacts in detail. He highlighted the need for conserving endangered and endemic organisms inorder to keep our biodiversity.

The second session was onConnecting People to nature to stop Sea Level Riseby Sri. Madhusoodhanan V.K., Member, State Environment Committee, Kerala ShasthraSahithyaParishath. He explained the status and threats of Sea level rise and highlighted the importance of mangroves in coastal areas.

Dr. Boby T. Edwin, Coordinator, Nature club concluded the programme. He requested the audience to lead an ecofriendly life.