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The Cyber Canvas is an online forum initiated by the Media Club of the institution to offer a platform to our students to express their creative urges. The forum hopes to capture the multi-faceted talents of the institution. It aspires to be a collage of the literary and the visual arts.

They Do Always Survive.

Summer brings fire,
They burn -they melt,
From root to twig-
They uproot the whole of tundra belt.

But men do always survive,
By putting it out using hoses and big water pipes.

Winter brings hail,
It covers everything with a white veil.
Freezing cold renders humans pale,
Somewhat like dead bodies in Holy Grave.

But men do always survive-
Using their fancy tools and woolen suits.

Time brings age,
It makes every bone weak and bleak,
And sometimes tunes up cracking door knocks-
From under the old blotted knees.

But men do always survive,
Just only to last long until they leave.

Aakash B Ashok
Second BA English
TKM CAS Kollam

Born Once More.

I would like to be born once more-
Between spruce and pine-
Beside boulders and moss inked rocks.
I would like to have
My heart’s first beat outside-
In the heart of the woods where nature unhides.
My first scent not foul, but sweet.
My first sight not an owl but golden wheat.
I wish to be born in nature’s lap-
Lap that hides cold –
Lap that could teach me to be bold.

I wish not be born under bright street lights,
And growling pipelines.
I wish not to be born beside hard cement piles,
And sweating brows of age old lies.
I wish to see my mother’s first
And final smile when I cry,
As she gives birth,
And to me - my life
Not on a bed,
But on a green hill side.

Aakash B Ashok
Second BA English
TKM CAS Kollam

Tune of the World

The world looks upon us in frown
What thou has made you strong
to mow and flood the whole town
in solitude and fire burnt song
Look out for the raging storm
Crushing and seething like hell.
Make way for its sinister roam
Amidst the laughter and garden bell
Oh ! the broken wings in all its purity
Mourning bitterly like a mother
Care and love still in obscurity
Fading hope in this dull weather
Forgive me for all my sins
There's still time to atone
Rebuke and caress shown with hidden hints
Do make my life a better one

Hanna Isath
III B.A. (English)
TKM CAS Kollam