Students' Pages


Career Guidance Bureau

The bureau helps to equip students to survive in the highly competitive world of today. It conducts coaching programmes targeted at the various competitive examinations and invites experts to deliver talks that heighten student awareness of career possibilities.

Tutorial System

A Very important feature of the functioning of the college is its tutorial system. The entire student community of the institution is divided on the basis of classes and placed under class teachers. If the class has more than fifty students, two class teachers are appointed. The teacher gives personal attention and care to each member of the class. The progress of each student is monitored by him and he takes corrective measures whenever needed after interacting with the guardian concerned.

Special Coaching

The college offers special attention to weaker students; especially those coming from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Regular coaching sessions are held throughout the year for them.

Internal Examinations

Besides the examinations conducted by the University, the college conducts monthly test papers, terminal examinations and model examinations. The progress reports are sent to the guardians after each internal examination. Failure to take any internal examination will be viewed as a serious breach of discipline and dealt with severely.

Medical Inspection

Every student has to undergo an annual medical inspection conducted by a medical officer appointed by the college. Failure to present oneself for medical inspection will be viewed seriously.